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Thursday, 17 October 2013

PDFConvertor, an Online Tool for converting Documents from PDF.

I came across this tool which lets you convert PDF documents to Power Point files in ppt. format, should you need for editing or creating interactive slide shows. This is a free tool and is widely used by Students, Professors and public speakers around the world, and it seems that its popularity is growing. The best thing is that you don't need to install anything!

The Link to the converter is this:

Below are its main features:

1) It's completely free to use.
2) People can convert as many files as they want, no limits.
3) There is a Document File Size limit of 2 MB (but it may be upgraded in the near future).
4) The Converter makes very smooth and accurate conversions.
5) It is very quick and users usually receive their converted documents in less a minute or two.

The way to use the tool is the following:

1) You upload your PDF document.
2) Type your email address.
3) Click "Start".

The company also provides other PDF converting services. You can browse through their site here:

Top 5 Most Overpriced Tech!

Here's a video I found which makes a lot of sense in my opinion. 

A list of overpriced technology, and why!

The Tech Goggles is Back!

Dear all,

I would like to apologize for not posting last week due to personal problems.

The Tech Goggles will continue today!

Hope you all enjoy reading the articles :)

Alex Cutajar

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Adobe had been attacked by Hackers

As this link reports, Adobe, the company behind your Flash Player, Photoshop, AutoCad, and so on and so forth, was being hacked earlier today.

The act included illegal access to the company's customer information and code related to its programs. It is believed that the hackers messed up with some of the customer's information, probably making it different for each customer. The data included names, credit/ debit card numbers, and expiration dates. Credit card numbers were in encrypted form and thus there is very little risk one might decrypt them.

Adobe's customers sum up to 2.9 Million.

Messaging Problems With iOS7

There had been problems with messaging with people using iOS7. It seems that sometimes messages are failing to send. This is not due a signal fault, but due to the new software update.

It seems that users have come up with a remedy to "by- pass" this, by restarting their phone. However, sometimes it can get frustrating. The issue is only with iMessage, that is - sending a message to other users who have iPhones too.

Since now feedback with the new iOS7 has been very positive, especially with regards to battery life, except for the fact that it made some users sick, being "too flashy"!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Windows XP to die in Munich

Microsoft is to stop giving support to the still popular version of Windows, Windows XP in April 2014. Windows XP is still popular with old desktop PCs, as it is perhaps the best Windows Version released by Microsoft, being stable and efficient. 

After Microsoft end with their support, it is known that Windows XP will probably get infiltrated with spyware and viruses, making this popular operating system a living hell to work with.

This is why Munich has decided to take action on this, to not let its citizens be prone to such hackers and spyware. Munich has decided to start distributing Ubuntu 12.04 CDs to replace Windows XP.

Around 2,000 CDs are being prepared. These are all free to share, copy and distribute. This is not the first time that Munich has done something in favour of Linux. 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Visitors of this Site prefer Android as a Mobile Platform.

73% of the poll's voters voted for Android as their favourite Mobile Platform. A total of 89 Voters participated in the site's first Poll.

Be sure to vote in our new poll. Your Most Favourite Linux Distribution!

Highway Texting Zones - Beneficial?

A note to my fellow Maltese friends: I don't think we're ever getting these..

Large Cities like New York are considering to introduce Texting Zones - Zones designated for anyone to stop to answer or write a text during a long trip. Some may think this idea is pathetic, however one might have to consider the risks of using your phone while driving. Texting is much more dangerous than answering a call on your phone, since your eyes are constantly focusing on one thing - either your phone or the road. Unfortunately, our eyes cannot go both ways (or maybe some can, but not naturally :)). When tenting while driving, you are being blind to the road.

In highways, where cars are driven at high speeds, it is necessary to keep focused on the road so as not to cause hazards or accidents. An accident in a highway could be disastrous to tens of vehicles in the same route.

The Microsoft Realm and How To Tackle It.

As an Example, I'm going to take into consideration our Maltese IT Degree.

The Microsoft Realm in Our Studies.

I am currently reading a course in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Malta. Here in Malta, IT is considered as one of the strongest sectors of the country. Here is one of the reason why 99% of the population in Malta and Europe runs Windows, and maybe MAC, and why IT Students are afraid to use Linux or other Operating Systems.

1. Microsoft Biased Topics

I was taking a peek at our Timetable for next semester. One of the subjects I have listed is about Object Oriented Programming.

I like Object Oriented Programming, I was then eager to check out about the topic. I liked it until I had seen the description.

"Java & C# for .NET Framework Platform"
Why .NET? Why use Microsoft products for learning? How on earth are students supposed to learn programming when they're already closed to Microsoft products? The .NET Framework (pronounced dot net) is a software framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows.

That serves Microsoft pretty well here in Malta, since we have an ever growing Software and Online Betting industry. Applications in .NET are not runnable on other OSes like Linux.

Luckily enough.. I will be studying a different version which does not include .NET.. *phew*


An online - Microsoft Marketplace for IT Students, giving them the opportunity for free Microsoft products like Windows itself, Office, and Developer tools. Some Applications also come with a price, however greatly reduced for students. Yes, this is another why how Microsoft brainwashes our students to use and get used to (maybe even get hooked) to their stuff.

3. Microsoft Seminars/Conferences

The ICT student association and the IT department are constantly getting Microsoft to produce seminars and conferences, even opportunities like scholarships for us students, which is a good thing (I'm not blaming the ICT association nor the IT department), but this is also another way how Microsoft tries to brainwash everyone to think they are the best company to choose.

4. Usage of Windows

The University Labs use Windows, Every working PC in the premises is running Windows. Where's Linux? Where's MAC?

The whole point is that Microsoft gets ALL THE CREDIT because it works for it. Yes, it is a multi million company and it invests in students. But how on Earth do we want Linux, Open Source and any other kinds of computer platforms to grow if we keep on using Microsoft products. It's like this company is taking control of our knowledge, and not just taking control - but limiting it to where it needs. Where's Linux? NOWHERE.


So let's all do one thing. Do you really want Linux, particularly Desktop Linux to grow? If yes you should do something about it. But what can we do?

You're an IT Student? 
It may be time you launch a Linux Fan Club or Linux Branch in collaboration with your Student Organisation. Maybe give suggestions to lecturers to start teaching Linux and include it in your academic studies.
You're an IT Lecturer?
Let your students know about Linux. Give examples of Linux in the real world, and show how much more powerful Linux is than other platforms. Show the fun stuff.
You're an IT Technician?
Offer a Pre-Installation of Linux at a cheaper Price. Let the your customers know that as Linux is free, you can save up to a $100 in Licensing! 
You're a Company Director?
Try Linux on some of your computers at the Office, just so others can try it out and get used to it. 
You're a Normal Employee? 
Ask one of your bosses to let you use Linux during work instead of Windows.
You're an average Person?
Use Linux Yourself. Get to know about it. Install it on old computers. Tell your friends about it constantly.  


I know that I will probably face a lot of criticism about this, but I've never actually liked the idea of having hundreds of distributions with the same base. Let's face it - a normal user would install One type of operating system once, get used to it and leave it there. So why do we keep creating distributions instead of focusing on one particular Linux OS? It's just not good marketing.

Take Windows or MAC. Yes they do have different versions, say Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 7 Home, but it's WINDOWS 7, and that's it. People may get confused at which Linux distribution to use. Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, CentOS, Fedora,.. etc


People completely new to Linux will find the switch from Windows to Linux harder than we might think, so we might consider launching Linux Groups and Forums for dummies who never actually tried Linux.


Promote it on your Social Network, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Make a Linux advert on your website. Promotion is the key.

Any other suggestions? Feel free to comment below :)