Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Windows XP to die in Munich

Microsoft is to stop giving support to the still popular version of Windows, Windows XP in April 2014. Windows XP is still popular with old desktop PCs, as it is perhaps the best Windows Version released by Microsoft, being stable and efficient. 

After Microsoft end with their support, it is known that Windows XP will probably get infiltrated with spyware and viruses, making this popular operating system a living hell to work with.

This is why Munich has decided to take action on this, to not let its citizens be prone to such hackers and spyware. Munich has decided to start distributing Ubuntu 12.04 CDs to replace Windows XP.

Around 2,000 CDs are being prepared. These are all free to share, copy and distribute. This is not the first time that Munich has done something in favour of Linux. 


  1. Munich sounds like a pretty cool place!

    1. Not really, they used Ubuntu! They should have used Mint or Fedora.

    2. For non-technical users, I still think Ubuntu 12.04+ is better than any other Linux distro.