Thursday, 26 September 2013

How this could be the Linux Year.

High Hopes and Investments

Linux is a Free, and thus there are no businesses pumping cash to promote it. However this year things could be different. IBM claimed that it will be literally pumping a good 1 Billion dollar investment, whilst Intel hold high hopes and positive thinking with regards to Linux and Open Source. Nvidia are also talking constantly about Linux

"Weak" Competitors

Before you jump into conclusions, I am not saying that Microsoft or Apple are weak. I am only saying that the release of Windows 8 was controversial. The majority of users, especially developers disliked Windows 8 up to an extent that they considered reinstalling and moving back to Windows 7. Now what if we had to promote Linux as an alternative, that would make the user switching to a recent OS rather than downgrading to an earlier one.

Tackling Linux's Weak Points

We can all find an alternative software for applications we use on other operating systems, however we can never find an alternative for gaming. Gaming had always been targeted for Windows. I still use Windows for only that reason. However, it seems that Steam OS can change things, being developed by one of the leading Gaming brands. Let's just hope it is not just a re-skinned Ubuntu!

More Hardware Compatibility

Again, with companies like IBM, Intel and Nvidia on its side, Linux will be more compatible to their hardware. These companies used to be "Windows cousins," but it seems that they are now realizing that the future isn't in Windows, but in Open Source.


One might not notice, but there are millions out there who never tried nor heard about Linux, but are constantly using a Linux - Based Operating System everyday without even knowing. If they can play their cards right, Android can be a benefactor to the Linux desktop too.