Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Why Linux Servers?

Ever wondered what is the reason behind hosting on Linux rather than Windows? Well here are some reasons why Linux triumphs over Windows Server OS.

  • Linux is Free
Imagine that you want to start a new server, either for the fun of it or maybe it's because you wish to start a new business. You might have to consider the running costs a Server would have, particularly keeping 24/7. That's already a problem for the starting business. Now for the OS, would you think of buying a $600 + OS when you can get one for free, and when you are at your starting steps of your Business?

  • Linux is more Stable
You heard well. Most of Linux Users don't know what a crash is. There are no blue screens of death (BSODs) in Linux and it has a very high stability rate. Linux systems are known to stay up for years without a concern. On the other hand, Windows are... Windows! 

  • Linux is more Secure
Linux's full permissions are only kept for the administrator (or root user). That way no one but the Administrator can fiddle with things. Also, viruses and malware are more generally targeted to Windows rather than Linux. That is one of the main reasons why Linux is much more secure.

  • Hardware Requirements
As discussed earlier, Servers are not cheap to run, and that is why people tend to try and do some cost cutting. Let's face it - Nobody likes a slow server, so cost cutting on hardware is limited, BUT Linux's minimum requirements are much less high-end than a Windows Server. 
Surely, if you're willing to invest more in your server with regards to hardware, you can scale up your Linux System to meet its peak, whereas with Windows you only have one option, just to meet its requirements.

  • Software Freedom
Linux Software is free and Open Source, which means that you can fiddle and customize applications whenever and how you want. In Contrast with Windows, there is no one behind you asking you for licences and stuff like that. That is why large companies choose Linux and not Windows Server OS


The Answer's Simple. There are a lot of applications nowadays coded in "Windows Only" Language, such as .NET and ASP. There's no solution to run such apps or sites on a Linux based System. There are still loads of applications using those languages.

If I were to describe Windows, I would describe it as "Jack of all trades, Master of None." It's a good all rounder and easy to run. But leave the Master Stuff for Linux.


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