Monday, 16 September 2013

Why is Internet Explorer so bad?

Why is Internet Explorer so bad? Well here are a few points one might have to consider.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer is the most popular browser
This is misleading. Internet Explorer is only the most popular browser because it is pre-installed in the Windows Installation. If people had a fair choice, they would probably choose any other OS but Internet Explorer

  • More Popular = More Vulnerable
Popularity is directly proportional to Vulnerability, especially when Microsoft or Windows are involved. Being the best, or the most popular means that all your competitors wish to bring you down. That is why Internet Explorer is the most Virus-targeted browser of them all. 

  • More Vulnerable = Less Security
Being Vulnerable means that you will eventually get some sort of spyware. This means that your data is not neccessarily safe anymore.

  • Less Speed
Being the target of every other competitor, it only makes sense that Internet Explorer going against every odd makes it much slower than other browsers.

  • Lazy Programming
The future isn't in Web Browsing. That is probably why Microsoft is not giving its efforts to improve the huge amount of bugs and bad programming.