Sunday, 15 September 2013

What's with Windows?

The new Windows 8 sure is eye catching. But is it practical? Windows has been known for creating OS systems which are easy to use and practical since their start. It seems that this time Windows focused on the appearance rather than practicality. Sure Windows 8 is fun and much different from other Windows Systems, but it's highly unpractical if using a normal PC.

Windows 8's improvements are appearance, battery life and Security. We can also say that Windows 8 boots up really quickly compared to other OSes. However, it's downsides are dreadful. You wouldn't want to use it in your office. It seems that Microsoft had spend years trying to improve their Office applications and then they got this wrong.

If you're using Windows 8 with a keyboard, you spend ages scrolling the start menu to gather through the large and differently sized icons in the menu. You might as well just use the search option. At first, users tend to get annoyed at how it is changed drastically from its predecessor. We have seen people requesting downgrades from Windows 8 to Windows 7 for their new PCs, especially Office people.

Windows 8 is only suitable for Tablets and pretty much any device with a touch screen. Its large icons make it easy for tablet users to navigate, especially people new to tablets.

Microsoft should have launched a version for normal Notebooks and Desktops. A Windows OS like Windows 7, with improved security, quicker boot and better battery life would have been enough for the average desktop user.


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