Saturday, 21 September 2013

What if your Phone was customizable?

Imagine if the Phonebloks idea was introduced, and you would be able to customize your phone according to your needs, buy separate parts just as you do when customizing your normal PC. That way, you probably won't be changing your phone so often but changing a particular parts. Enthusiasts may want to upgrade parts without needing to scrap or sell their whole phone. Say you want to upgrade your camera from an 8MPx to 12Mpx, or maybe you just want more storage and therefore only increase the storage part.

Another option is to replace parts which are not working any more or broken, say your camera is malfunctioned and needs replacing, therefore you would consider buying a camera, not replacing the whole phone.

But the dilemma is here, how would you create a phone with universal pins like that? And how would companies and competitors integrate with each other in order to produce such a phone?

Here's the video.


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