Saturday, 28 September 2013

Valve announce their first Steam Controller

It seems that the Steam OS / Steam Box project is getting pretty serious. Valve have announced their first Steam controller, to be used on Steam Box - their announced console, working with a Linux Operating System.

The controller features haptic feedback and two trackpads, pretty much like a "general" controller everyone's used to. As Valve announced, it will give PC gaming a better way to play games rather than a keyboard and  a mouse.

Valve have also invited gamers to test this controller.

What I don't know is this: - PC gamers are used to playing using their mouse and keyboard. I like PC gaming over Console gaming because I use a keyboard and a mouse, and because I find it better in some aspects. I only used controllers for specific games which are really annoying to play with a keyboard.

What do you think? Do you prefer controllers or Keyboards and Mice?


  1. Controllers will just be a fun to play with..