Saturday, 21 September 2013

The iPhone 5's Processor is in fact a Samsung

The A7 Processor used in the new iPhone OS is in fact manufactured by Apple's arch competitor Samsung. The two competitors seem to be able to work with each other on such hardware issues and it seems that Apple chooses Samsung for its success in processor manufacturing. Samsung is the largest competitor to Apple's iPhone, being a company that produces the best Android devices.

"We have confirmed through early analysis that the device is fabricated at Samsung's Foundry and we will confirm process type and node later today as analysis continues," said a Chipworks spokesperson.

Here's the full link:


  1. yeaa.. when I tell this to my students they go .. wwhhaaatttthhh... O.O ...

    1. It's strange how two competitors who struggle with each other, can even come up with a way to work with each other!