Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Samsung's New Image Sensor Technology

The South Korean Company Samsung has just announced its new Image Sensor, which is expected to be fitted in forthcoming smart phones. The Image Sensor is being called “ISOCELL”, which is named after the technology being used. As Samsung claims, the sensor works by ISOlating the light receptor CELLs in the sensor, thus it improves image quality. It is also thinner than current image sensors, and thus suitable for “thin” mobile devices.
Some believe that the new image sensor will be fitted in the new Samsung Galaxy S5. After the iPhone 5s launch, Samsung will be eager to manufacture a powerful competitor to the market. The attention now grows on Samsung as it is working on the new Galaxy Series phone.

Currently we can conclude that the new Samsung Galaxy S5 will probably hold a better image quality.

More information regarding the ISOCELL technology can be found below in this link: http://hexus.net/business/news/components/60501-samsung-launches-isocell-enhanced-cmos-imaging-sensor/


  1. I wonder what more facilities Samsung can pack in their phone.

  2. Nice i really like it.