Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Play with Your Pets Remotely - PetCube

PetCube offers a new solution for pet owners who are willing to play with their pet when they are out. This offers a great alternative to when pet owners are out of their homes for a long time, such as on vacation. It allows the user to interact with his/her pets so that pets don’t feel lonely when no one is at home. With PetCube, the user is also able to speak with their pets and use laser to play with them.

The project has already raised $32,700 out of a $100,000 goal in less than one day.

The project is undergoing negotiations with hardware manufacturers, and the PetCube team have already claimed that there would be an Android and iOS, which will be free.

The Cube is believed to be launched next May, and will have a sleek silver design, however one can buy optional covers, making them suitable for the pet’s needs and likings. The Cube will be sold for about $200.

Gotta tell Mum about this!

Watch the video below.

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