Tuesday, 17 September 2013

PassWallet - Keeping all your Passwords in one Place

Keeping Passwords in mind is one of today's headache and most popular problems. Generally some people use the same password all over again, which makes it easier for hackers to get into their accounts. Others forget them often and request re-activation codes in order to reset their password, either by using e-mail, which is not that secure or by using a phone number.

This App keeps all of your passwords in one place. The App is hidden from the app drawer and you only require a code for accessing it. But shouldn't be that hard to remember just one master code? Using this code in the dialler or Calculator will launch the app automatically.

You can try it out as a 30 day trial and then buy the full version for just as little as $5. (One time Fee)

Here's the official video to get you more informed:


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