Thursday, 19 September 2013

Intel: "The year of Linux is Here"

First it was IBM with a $1 Billion investment, and now there are high hopes by Intel. Linux has significantly increased lately with regards to popularity around the world. This is showing clearly as multi- millionaire professional companies such as IBM, and now Intel, and even Nvidia, are showing much more interest investing in Linux Systems than ever before.

So far, Linux has dominated the Server industry, because of its features, reliability and ease of use. Linux OSes are now working on maintaining a better share in desktop usage, particularly by improving in the Gaming sector and in their Graphical User Interface. Ubuntu Linux is a preview of how Desktop Linux has been developed to meet the competitors' standards.

It is known that Intel had, (and still have) very close connections with Microsoft, however, quoting Intel,

"Windows has declined while Linux has rose."
"Outside of the community, most people don't see Linux's impact. Linux is usually invisible. When you go to any large Web site--Google, Facebook, Twitter--you're using Linux."

If we were to refine Intel's Original quote, it would be like this,

"The year of Linux DESKTOP is Here."