Monday, 23 September 2013

Hack iPhone and win $16000 and more

Who's Up for the challenge? A website, is offering a $16000 cash prize, along with other items to the person able to hack the iPhone 5s's touch ID.

The whole scope of it is not just the hack, but it is to clarify whether the  iPhone's touch ID sensor is really secure or is it just a gimmick to attract new attention.

The Chaos Computer Club (Germany) whose video has been published just before this post, are very close to claiming this prize. They just need get it working off a fingerprint which they got from somewhere else rather than the iPhone itself.
Quoting the site:

"The Chaos Computer Club in Germany may have done it! Awaiting video showing them lifting a print (like from a beer mug) and using it to unlock the phone."


  1. But if you are paying a very high price for this level of security, would it be cost-effective. I mean other phones already have a high level of scurity and are much cheaper!