Friday, 27 September 2013

Facebook is letting you Edit Posts

It seems that Facebook will be including a new edit feature for statuses and posts this week, letting users edit after posting. The feature will be available to anyone using Facebook on Android

Some users do not agree with this since your Facebook status is "stamped" as one status on your timeline, thus showing history. It wouldn't be any real history if you could edit your statuses just after. It would be much better if Facebook included a time frame for people to edit posts say 1 hour, so that users won't be able to edit their 'ancient' posts.

However, the majority of users are in favour of this. Auto Correct can ruin your post, while you also have a high chance of a spelling mistake when working with a compact Android keyboard.

Taking from my experience, I can say that it is not the first time that I misspelled something using my Android keyboard, and wished I could edit it after.

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  1. Yes, We were waiting for this feature from Facebook. At Last it no live.
    Well, I have updated some of my updates and I am loving it!

    1. I have still not updated mine.. It seems that users are loving it though :)