Thursday, 19 September 2013

BlackBerry reduces workforce - Launches BBM for Android and iOS

It seems that BlackBerry are now launching their Messenger for Android and iOS this weekend. Blackberry is struggling to compete with competitors of Android devices and Apple in particular.

BlackBerry Messenger, however, faces another problem. It's competitors are huge, taking under consideration applications such as WhatsApp and Viber which cater for far more clients than BlackBerry Messenger. However, one might have to consider that this application was only intended for BlackBerry Smartphones, thus limiting its targets. It's evident that BlackBerry have to come up with something big in order to compete with the others.

The Company is struggling so much, that it had just announced that it will be cutting 40% of its employees. It seems that last year, in 2012, the company had $646 Million losses, adding on this year.



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